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Sunday, August 20, 2006

Chemistry, Chemistry, Chemistry...

I think I failed to mention what class I plan to take in the fall - CHEMISTRY.

I haven't had CHEMISTRY for about a good 20 years and needless to say, I am a bit nervous. Oh, what the heck - I'm scared!

I have alot going on at work (the IT job) and just picked up the PRN RT job and am a little worried about over doing it. I'll need to study and all that dribble... The good thing is I only need to work the PRN job 16H a month to pay for the class.

I do feel I can do it, though. That's just the way I think. I just want to make sure I get an "A". I believe I can do that as well, but it'll take some studying on my part. The only "A" I've gotten in a chem class was back in the 80's in Organic Chemistry (don't get too happy. It was after I got a "C" the first time - i.e., I repeated the class).

Well - I have to get going. I'm working 11A to 11P today (like a fool...) and need to start getting ready.

Have a wonderful day!

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