Miss Pressley: Where Have I Been?

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Where Have I Been?

Hey everyone! I guess that's the question of the new year! I've been so busy, I haven't had time to wish everyone a new year! Hope all is going well thus far!

I've been busy indeed! My job has taken the biggest chunk of my time up to this point. We are continuing to move forward with implementing our PACs system. What a task that is turning out to be! And, as would be expected with any project, there are many snags, bumps and other issues that have to be dealt with along the way before going "LIVE". But, as a result of my involvement with this project, I was sent to Vancouver, BC for training... Feel sorry for me yet? Don't!

Vancouver is an incredibly beautiful city and it didn't take the whole week for us to find that out. The people were friendly and the food was great. They walk alot and carry a cup of coffee with them everywhere they go! Oh yeah, there seems to be a Starbucks on every corner... The time change was a little irritating to me, and I remember going through the same thing when I traveled to San Diego a few years ago (again, for training). It appears to be a little pricey to live there, but they all seem to be doing well up there in Vancouver!

Back on the home front - I've enrolled in my Chem2 class. They finally changed the schedule of the class to accommodate students who needed to take cell biology (because they both occurred at the same time). I will begin class tomorrow. Here I go again!

I revealed my desire to become a physician to one of the doctor's where I work as an RRT. I had held off on my pronouncement to any physicians because of my lack of confidence in many areas towards this move. I will say, though, he was only sincerely encouraging and he doesn't know how far his words went with me. He told me, "...when I met you some years ago, I always wondered why you had never gone to medical school. I always thought you were smart...". What! Me?!!! Get the heck outta here!!

That comment left me a little speechless. I really admire this doctor for his intelligence and clinical skills, not to mention how he has established himself in our community as one of the few African-American doctors in the area. I didn't know he felt that way, because he's gotten to the point of hollering for respiratory all the time and makes you think he's mad at you!

Others have told me that along the way and I don't want to discredit their observations about my "smarts", but that comment was just what I needed to go further.

I again, hope all is well with everyone as this new year moves forward. I hope to talk to you again soon!

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