Miss Pressley: The Open House

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Open House

I left work at about 4:30p yesterday to travel to Penn State Brandywine. I gassed up my car and hit the turnpike! I was so excited about this trip and attending the school's open house, I had remember the speed limit (disclaimer: the previous statement is not an admission of reckless driving, disregard for the law or of any guilt implied or otherwise, so forth and so on...).

Long story short - it was dark, I got lost and the front tire, driver's side seemed to be losing pressure... I even called On-Star to upgrade my service so they could direct me to the college. By the time the transaction went through, I found I was on the right route anyway! But, I eventually made it - it was late, but I made it.

I met some really cool faculty members who seem to be genuinely committed to making this program work.

I spoke to the director of continuing education who informed me my application was finally complete! The application needed required one more set of eyes before a decision would be made about acceptance. So, I'm expecting to hear from them by mail either Saturday or Monday. They explained the cohort size is usually 15 students (16 at the most) and the next cohort only contained 12 students so far. Keep your fingers crossed!

All of the classes are online, and campus visits are twice a month - on a Saturday. Talk about convenient! I don't know if it gets any better than that!

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