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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Started Class Today

Let me begin by saying, I can't believe I'm doing this. 'Nuff said...

I started my Chemistry class today. And, oh the memories! I had a few discommodious flashbacks of being in high school, in Miss Bobalko's class - playing with the Bunsen burners, working diligently towards the development of excellent lab techniques... the distinct smell of hydrogen sulfide and natural gas filling the lab. The waxy feeling of concentrated nitric acid between my fingers - wondering, "...what would happen if I did... this!...". But, those days are over.

I sat in that class today and persistently said to myself, "I can't believe I'm doing this...".

I'm the oldest one in the class. Yes, the instructor is even younger than I am. I can see right now I will have to utilize some level of patience with the young ones in the class. But, do I really feel like being patient with the young ones in the class? And, I have to have a lab partner. OH GREAT...

If I work at it, I'm sure I can pass the class - with a B or better (trying not to have too great an expectation of myself. Causes too much stress...). I'll just have to compartmentalize my brain (again) to absorb this information. Is there room enough in my head to take on more data? You betcha!

I have to say, though, despite my internal angst on my decision to forge ahead with this journey, the lab is pretty cool. It's only a few years old and has the latest and greatest equipment and safety features. I hope I don't have to use any of those extra safety devices around the lab - like the shower and the fire blanket...

The university is also wireless - so I took my computer with me to connect. They encourage you to use your computer in class and the computer is an integral part of the lesson. What a distraction - just what I needed. I'm going to try to take notes the old fashioned way (paper and pen) as much as possible. I just have to watch my bored moments - because my little mind will wander...

I have homework already - what else did I expect? I'm so naive!

I have to fill out an online journal and read the first chapter by the next class. This ought to be fun! It better be fun...!

Well, it's time for me to get going. I am SO ready for a nap! Take care and I'll talk to you later!

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