Miss Pressley: Tiromed - A New Online Medical Community

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Tiromed - A New Online Medical Community

I found this new website called Tiromed a few weeks ago and it's a great site! The creators of the site state the following in their mission statement, "...our mission is to provide unique features and functionalities that allow you to research and learn, and connect with others. Whether you are publishing articles, forming study groups, or just keeping in touch with colleagues or classmates, Tiromed aims to be your #1 online resource..."

The site offers the ability to post articles, interviews with physicians and students (medical and pre-meds) and an area for forums. They even added a Non-Trad forum!

The admins are approachable and seek suggestions from new users. You should check them out! Kudos to Max and the gang at Tiromed!

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