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Thursday, December 13, 2007

I Need to Get Moving!

It's been quite a while since I posted here. But, I didn't because I felt somewhat defeated in reaching my goal! I was psyched when I started the chemistry class last year because I finally felt I was moving in the right direction. Then, I had to make changes that caused me to put the brakes on, again...

So, as I was sitting at home and mulling over my life, I decided to look at some websites in my Favorites folder that I hadn't looked at for a while. I began to think about my dissatisfaction with my job (I am basically bored...) and ran clinical career options through my mind. As I examined those options, I easily came to the conclusion that whatever option I choose, I need to be able to do the course work online (so I can continue to work - I have a kid in college).

I checked into a nursing program where I could take the nursing classes online to obtain an RN (its legit...). I figured that would satisfy my need to be intellectually stimulated and I could get a degree and find a different career ladder to climb. I looked further and came across a university that offers chemistry, biology and physics classes online (legit as well)! That means I can continue to work towards the physician route and not take time away from work to do so.

I contacted both programs and they have answered my questions - I have a couple more questions out to one of them, but they've been great about responding. I now need to go further to figure out which path I want to follow. Either way, I'm looking for a certain amount of satisfaction and purpose for the work I do - I've been able to do that as an RRT. I'm just looking to do that at a different level.

That's the latest! I'm making plans to get moving!

Inspiration - I just want to send kudos to my Tiromed family member Kawkaw! She took the MCAT in August and has since been interviewed and accepted by a med school! See, it can be done! I'd also like to send a shout out to Linda Wilson, from OldPreMeds. She has overcome many obstacles to fulfill her dream of becoming a doctor and in doing so, has been an inspiration to me! You go, girl! -- LM

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Path201X said...

Hello LM!

This is Kim from MRM. I just wanted to suggest thatyou not forget to consider coorespondence courses as a means to get your science courses out of the way. Many times these courses will appear on your transcripts as if you were in the classroom unlike some online classes. I'll do some research (I've taken about 5 classes this way including Chemistry) and I'll post some info about it on MRM. Take care!

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