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Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Taking More Time

I apologize for being soooo slow in posting! I've decided to take a quick break before checking to see if I can take my org chem quiz again.

So, let's see - what have I been doing since August?

I'm still transitioning at work and attended two more training sessions since August. I have two more tests (out of three) to take and pass, along with a project to complete before I am deemed certified to work in the system.

Then, there are the post bac classes. I completed Chem 2 and Bio 2 and started physics, cell biology (biochemistry) and organic chemistry. Three lectures per week, labs every other weekend and exams during those weekends (physics exams for sure, biochem is spread out more and organic chem exams are take home for now - yes, I am frightened of the organic chemistry final...).

I had some trouble getting books because I was trying to "save" money by shopping around on the Internet. The physics book took longer than I expected to arrive, but by that time I was behind the eight ball. So, long story short, I have dropped physics for now.

I like organic chem and have a decent grade in there so far and I'm hanging in there with biochem - I feel I can manage the full-time job along with these two classses. Taking all three of the classes and working was just not a good thing to do - there aren't enough hours in the day!!!

Other than that, I am managing and looking forward to getting this done!!

BTW - Hope everyone had a chance to vote today! Participation is the key!!!

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