Miss Pressley: Procrastination Over!

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Procrastination Over!

Ok - I'm done procrastinating and the application for the post-bac is done. I had to take a break in between because of my load picking up at work. I still have work to complete this weekend - but will get to it tomorrow (procrastinating again?...).

I have been visiting the forums and reading alot of interesting things about folks along this journey. For example - the scores have come back for the April MCAT. Some people are happy, others are on the verge of suicide; some are rethinking the whole doctor thing... it's all been enlightening to say the least. I am impressed by what I read and inspired by it all. I guess the foremost inspiration is the fact that anyone would take the time and expend the energy to go through with pursuing this direction.

At this time I have requested transcripts be sent to the university I plan to attend for the post-bac. I'm excited about this step and somewhat cautious, because I haven't figured out how I'm going to pay for it yet. But, I'm sure that will work itself out.

My monthly expenses have gone up a little since my daughter got her license! She is looking for a job (she's 17) and I definitely appreciate her diligence in doing so. She'd really like to get working - she's filled out paper applications and online applications. She's a good driver, too. I got up enough nerve to drive with her last weekend. I didn't have too many "back seat driver" remarks, so she did a great job.

My son revealed his plan to move away (another plan). A few months ago, he was planning to move to Michigan to join his girlfriend. Then, she moved to Alabama; so he was planning to move to Alabama. But, now, he plans to fly to Alabama to meet her. She will fly back to Michigan and then he will drive her car to Michigan from Alabama!!! He'll make a stop in Virginia and then head over to Michigan. Oh, and he and his girlfriend plan to marry sometime in August. Just what I need. Well, it's fodder for therapy if nothing else.

I've been busy at work this past week because we have started the implementation of a PACs system. Picture Archiving and Communication Systems are the latest technology in digital imaging. And, since I support the radiology system at my job, I'm the site PM for the project. It hasn't been too bad so far. I have alot of follow-up to work on, including updating notes, technical information and that sort of thing. But, the technology is way cool and anyone who plans to go to medical school will most likely be exposed to it at one point or another.

I'm signing off now! 'Til next time!

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