Miss Pressley: Exam #2 and Other Chem Notes

Monday, October 23, 2006

Exam #2 and Other Chem Notes

I took the second exam today in Chemistry. And, I must say, it wasn't my best work! I should have studied a little more! I got through it and frankly, the test wasn't that bad. She could've really let us have it, but she didn't. I don't think I got an "A" this time, though. Unless, there's a nice curve. The prof told me I really screwed up the curve on the last test! But, that won't happen this time!

The professor gave me great positive feedback on my last lab report! Her words, "... Wow! This is an excellent piece of work. The diagram of your experiment was well done. If I gave this to any student I believe they could recreate your work." I'm impressed, to say the least! I have to turn in the third lab report by this Friday. Time to get creative again!!

I'll be glad when this class is over. I guess I'm just anxious to move on to other subjects I really enjoy like genetics and biochemistry. I'll work on being patient!

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